Sabaneta Missions
Declare His Glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! ~Psalm 96:3
Summer Missions
We would like to invite you to join us in the Dominican Republic to work along with us in Sabaneta. Help us to reach the nations for the glory of Christ!

‚ÄčAm  I  eligible  to  Work  As  A  Summer  Missionary?

A summer missionary is someone who is:
> A growing follower of Christ
> Between the ages of 18-25
> An active church member 
> Committed to verbally sharing your faith
> Committed to raising the necessary funds 

What  Can  I  Expect?

We have many summer projects and activities planned for June and July 2017, including VBS, children's activities, sports, community education, and evangelism. The weather is extremely hot and the work is not easy. Many live in spiritual darkness and addictions. We will work to reach them with the Gospel of Christ. We have a team apartment you will live in while you are here. We will do a lot of walking, so bring comfortable shoes. Food is not the same as it is in the United States. If you require a special diet, please let us know when you apply. A typical Dominican meal includes rice and beans, plantains, and chicken. 

What  do  I  Do  To  apply?

> We first ask you to diligently pray. Ask God if it is His will for you to come and work this summer.
> Talk to your parents and make sure they are ok with you applying and possibly serving this summer.
> You will need to fill out the online application.
> You will need to submit three letters of referral / recommendation. One should be from your pastor. One should be from a teacher at your school. The final letter can be from any person of your choice.
> Pray about how God has gifted you and how you can best use those gifts to serve in the DR.

When  Will  I  Serve?

Females will serve June 1 - July 1.
Males will serve July 1 - July 31. 

How  Much  Will  It  Cost?

The cost for your field expenses is $900 for the full 30 days of service. This includes all transportation, food, translators, and lodging. Additional expenses are the airline ticket, entry fee ($10), traveler insurance (less than $3 per day), costs to obtain a passport, meals in the airport, souvenirs and snack money.

You may be eligible for a scholarship to cover part of your expenses though your Baptist Student Union (if you are a BSU member) or through the Mississippi Baptist Convention (if you are  a member of a Mississippi Baptist church.)

Your church may can help donate to the funds needed to serve. Writing letters to friends and loved ones is a great way to let others know you are going so they can pray for you and to help with raising funds. You can also fundraise using dinners, auctions, selling tshirts or other items, or set up an online funding account.