Sabaneta Missions
Declare His Glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! ~Psalm 96:3
Posted on June 21st, 2014

Jose and Yoannia Robles have been faithfully serving the people in Sabaneta for 7 years. They are a precious Dominican family that moved to Sabaneta as local missionaries. They have a son, Isai (Spanish for Jessie).  Jose had a clear call that he was to go and serve the people in Sabaneta.They were obedient to His call for them and have been teaching, leading, planting seeds, and faithfully praying there since. In the middle picture, you can also see Saidy. She serves as a translator and faithful Christian along with the Robles.
For the past 7 years, the Lauderdale Baptist Association has been going on mission trips to the DR. We have sent more than 40 teams to work along with the Robles. Every team that goes enhances the work the Robles have been doing. 
When we returned from the DR, we knew that was not the last time we would there, but we had no idea how much God had planned for us in Sabaneta. We knew that God had called us to serve overseas years prior and we knew that this would fit into our journey, but little did we know it was going to be the place He had planned all along.
After returning from the DR, we went to meet with the Associational Missions Director at the Lauderdale Baptist Association, Dr. Greg Massey. (We've known and loved Bro. Greg for years. He actually married us years ago!) We were meeting with him to discuss this year's mission trip
and decided while we were there we would talk to him about our call. We wanted his advice on what would be some first steps to take to move forward in serving in overseas missions- not thinking just the Dominican, but anywhere. Before we even had a chance to mention it to Bro. Greg, he begins telling us that the Robles are considering moving back to their hometown. He says we need to begin praying for new missionaries in the DR. We told Bro. Greg our call and all agreed to pray about God's plans for the DR. A week later, the Robles confimed that God was calling them to move and we knew that God was calling us to go there. 

The Robles have accomplished so much there. We know that Sabaneta is ready for discipleship and ultimately a church plant.  We are all amazed at God's timing in everything and are honored to be a part of His future in Sabaneta.

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